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Wolffun won #1 best technology product prize at Google Hackathon 2016

Wolffun team won #1 best technology product at Google Hackathon 2016 with Blocky War game. Blocky War is a 3D realtime multiplayer where you can play with other 4 players worldwide. The special technique helps […]

cfkhanh on Nov 07, 2016 Category: Company Info

Gaming the system: Why you need to get your mobile users competing

When a new app publishes, it has to overcome the challenge of discoverability. In the iOS ecosystem alone, there are around two million different apps available in the App Store on any given day. […]

cfkhanh on Nov 03, 2016 Category: Games

Hamster Islands is featured on Google Play

Hamster Islands, a game is developed by WolfFun is now featured worldwide on Google Play from 01/08/2016 ~ 08/08/2016.  

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Google launches Firebase Test Lab free tier, real-time exporting to BigQuery

Google today is announcing a few updates to the services in its Firebase cloud service portfolio. Instead of being a premium feature, the Firebase Test Lab tool for testing apps on physical and virtual […]

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6 Examples for How to Engage Your Mobile Users

This is a guest post from Todd Patton at Branch. Engagement noun en·gage·ment: emotional involvement or commitment This definition of engagement is the one that all mobile marketers and developers should memorize. Driving engagement […]

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Manage Your Inbox with Artificial Intelligence

Your inbox: “You never pay attention to me.” You: “You’re too confusing.” Inbox: “You treat me like spam!” You: “But you’re full of spam.” Sound familiar? Notion will smooth things over. It’s an app […]

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