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How we work and play

We argue a lot

We nurture the spirit of debate among the team. Every idea gets challenge from all members and taking on by curious mindset.Frequent constructive arguments lead us to discover unexpected ideas, learn new lessons and eliminate the risk of potential mistakes.

We celebrate failure

Every idea values to us, and every failed idea’s worth a serious exploitation. We celebrate failure so that every member can confidently take their steps into unexplored areas, and never feel regret with whatever outcome from their curiosity for improvement.

We get a lot of fun from work

A place with full of jokes, challenges, discussions gets us excited going to work every day. One addition working day is one day we get closer to our shared target. We are always on the move together to success, and we’re happy about that.

Gaming culture

Even though this part is fun, it’s crucial to our working process. Whether it’s Game Club, where we play different games and talk about them, or whether it’s playing board games in the office at Happy Hours, this is how we keep ourselves inspired.

Knowledge sharing

Internally, we like sharing knowledge cross-guild (a developer sharing with a designer) , just as much as we like keeping the flow going within each tribe. Why? We like sharing, and it helps us create games faster and in unison. We aren’t a factory line, so we have to make sure that what we know is swirling around everywhere.

We are one

We are beside each other for 15 hours a day and 6 days a week. We work together, support each other and going out together. Closeness helps us a lot with pressure, especially of working late at night. And we get our second family there.

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  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Beta
  • Solf Launch
  • Launch

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Meet the Team

Khanh Nguyen Dinh

Ceo & Founder

We take it our mission to create good games for worldwide users. We can never wait turning new ideas into a product, stick so much to it like the word “slow down” never known by the team. Idea welcoming, frequent constructive debate, give-it-try and failure celebrating are how we work to discover the new, build the best and bring the funniest games to our players.

Thuc Nguyen

Game Designer

It can be said that the job make me a highly active person, rarely sitting right at my table to work but always move somewhere around the office, work at other guy’s places. It’s a great work that requires, hence keeps me constant learning on many areas, also give me a good chance to learn a lot from others through our co-works.

Minh Pham

Senior Developer

Has been with Wolffun from the very beginning and, looking back now it’s the greatest decision ever. What values most to me is the experience I’ve been through, discover new things every days, struggle through failure, days and nights working with the team and also true friends, celebrate new users count milestones…Whatever obstacle, however difficult it becomes, we keep heading with great belief and strong team spirit, and with fun of course.

Duc Dinh Quang

Animation Specialist

I blow little soul into the games. And the word “fine-tune” is perfectly right to describe my job. I take it my challenge to improve feeling of players on every move in the game.

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